Urban Rivals Hack

How to use

First of all we have to mention that this Urban Rivals Hack, unlike others Urban Rivals Hacks, really works. That's a rarity nowadays where a lot of fake hack programs try to just steal your account. That's why we offer you our hack that uses a vulnerability in Boostr servers to get some Credits and Clintz for you. This online generator was programmed with a lot of effort in our spare time, unfortunately we could not translate to all languages, this generator is in English, but we don't think it will be a problem for most of you guys. This program does what it promises. You just need to follow the steps that are quite easy. After clicking the Start Urban Rivals Hack button you will be redirected to our online generator, in that page, enter your in-game alias, your desired amount of clintz and credits, if you don't want credits or clintz leave it zero. Click on generate button and wait a few seconds while the script runs. After that, follow the other steps and we are done. Enjoy your resources and please do not abuse this Urban Rivals Clintz and Credits Generator. We did our best to make it ban free.

How it Works

By using a simple backdoor hosted in our site we can access Urban Rivals workspace. After getting our credential into the specific workspace we can edit values for clintz and credits, after edited, the numbers pass by the backdoor again to run an anti-cheat script, that prevents your account to get banned, after completing the anti-cheat process, your account receives the choosed amount of Credits or Clintz. All this steps make our Urban Rivals Hack the only working and stable hack out there.

Legal Notes

About the legality of this hack, there's nothing to worry about, this is under the current law. However, the risk of using this is totally yours. This site is not affiliated with Boostr and it's fully maintained by community members. This system uses a flaw in developer servers, after they patch it, this hack will become unusable. Keep in mind that after received your benefits, it cannot be removed from your account.

About Urban Rivals

Urban Rivals is an MMO virtual game based on trading cards that works with PC, android and IOS. It was released in 2006 by Boostr and is fully working since then. The logic of gameplay is simple, what you have to do is use your cards to defeat your opponents and earn XP to reach other levels and fight better members and earn more cards. With credits, you can buy card packs to get more cards and potentially have a better deck. Once in few days the game offers tournaments, where the top ranking players get free credits and clintz.